Managing Data


The Manager provides product authors/owners with a way to manage all aspects of their products including metadata, legends, tile and shape appearance, as well as data scouring parameters and tile pre-cacheing. Status and timeliness for all available products is visible to all users.

Log In

A valid user account is required to create and manage products. This will identify you as the owner of any products you create, allowing you to edit them and receive email notifications if problems are detected during ingest. The Log In widget at the left can be used to create a new user account; Administrators can log in by clicking on the admin login button.

Product Tools

Create New Placeholder

A product placeholder must be created before uploading new data. Click on the Create new placholder button and enter the new Product ID when prompted. It is recommended, but not necessary, to set the metadata appropriately before uploading data. This will ensure that the tile cache is consistent with minimal rebuilding.


Click the Info button to display basic information about the product in the same format that is available in the main display. It is read-only, and is visible to all users.

View Log

Click the Log button to display the log generated by the ingest process. This information is technical in nature and may be useful for debugging.

Create New View

Click the Create new view button to create a new view of an existing product. This allows different metadata (legends, color tables, etc) to be applied to a single set of data without duplicating it on disk.


Click the Delete button to delete the product (You will be prompted to confirm). All product data and metadata will be removed from RealEarth.

Edit Product





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