Remote Sharing

Creating a Session

Remote Sessions can be created in the Remote Session interface. This presents the standard RealEarth interface with remote session controls on the right of the display. To create a session, click on the Start New Session button and complete the following prompts: Once the session has been created you will be the leader, and a Link will appear in the Leading section. This link is a pointer to the newly created session and can be sent to potential participants.

Leading a Session

During a Remote Session one individual will assume the Lead role. The Lead interacts with the display in their local RealEarth environment, and all of the content and manipulations of the display are reflected in the RealEarth sessions of the following participants. A Follower can request the lead role at any point during a session by clicking on the Request Lead button. The Lead is notified of the request by the appearance of a chat icon next to the follower's name in the Participants list, and can pass the lead role by clicking on their name and confirming. The Lead can terminate the session at any time by clicking on the End Session button.

Following a Session

Sessions can be joined by clicking on the Session name in the Sessions list or by clicking on a Link sent by the Lead (password may be required). The RealEarth display will mirror the leader's display, but Followers will not be able to interact with it. If the leader's display is smaller than the followers, the display will be faded around the edges to indicate the area viewable by the leader. Conversely, if the follower's display is smaller than the leader's, a message will be displayed indicating the discrepancy. Followers may choose to exit a Remote Session at any time by clicking on the Leave Session button.